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5 Super foods of India

Welcome to our new article in which we will tell you that five super foods of India which you include in your diet will improve your health a lot.

 Benefits of Super Foods of India

  I will share with you five super foods of India, if you include these super foods in your diet, then there will be a very positive effect on your fitness calls and health. A food is called super food only when it has many benefits, in different ways.  can be used with and suit almost everyone,
 I am not talking about any rare foreign food here but our own local food which is very easy available and not expensive at all, by consuming which you will see many changes in your body like weight loss apart from these foods will give you soft  Glowing Skin, Thick Shiny Hair, Strong Unity and Digestive System Naturally I will also tell you when and how to eat these foods so that you can get their full benefits, I definitely include these foods in my diet and my advice is that  You should also include it in your diet food and take full advantage of them.

 Some Dishinourable Mentions Fruits of India

 There is some diss about which we in India are so much divers in agriculture, but it is a sad thing.

 We Indians, leaving our local food, are after avagha dose berries, colorful capsicum, chilli, broccoli and kiwi and are considering them as super food, really anything can be done by marketing this food.
 Very healthy, but not super food for Indians at all because super food is always local.
 There are talk.

 Names of 5 Super Foods of India

 Food is my personal favorite and there is hardly a day when I don’t eat it. Avocado Saberi Scale also has broccoli to name a few in the never-ending list of five super foods.
The food I am going to talk about has really stood the test of time and is a part of our Indian culture.
Have been an inexhaustible part, let’s talk about those fruits. 


  Due to the countless benefits of coconut, it has been given the status of quince. Significance of cracking coconut before starting any big work We Indians always knew that coconut gives physical vane to the body and keeps the mind calm Heart healthy, Stomach Friendly, Fat Burning & Energy Gaming Coconut Divya It has always been believed that coconut contains special types of medium chain fatty acids which are exactly like those found in breast milk. Cola and sportsstring need better hydration in the morning or morning. Have a hangover or have a headache, drink coconut water instead of coffee

 Is the cream of raw coconut is very good for the stomach

 Ripe coconut if you have constipation problem

 You can eat such a crunchy snack, it is also added to vegetables Dried coconut to make heart healthy

 It is added to many sweets and chutneys and is quite a filling too.

  Coconut oil used for cooking everyday in Kerala, survey suggests Keralites have the strongest heart

 Today more than five thousand studies are proving that coconut oil is one of the healthiest oils in the world.

 One of the food is you can do oil pulling with coconut oil, you can do body massage and many more.

2. Banana

 As you would know that banana all fruits are good but if there is any special fruit then it is banana easily affordable always available very versatile and for many nutritions it has always been given a very special status in our culture Banana There is something you need for an instant recharge, whether it is physically or mentally. Being a natural probiotic, making it is very beneficial for your digestive system for your intestines Well, that’s all right


 But eating banana does not increase obesity, and because banana contains special Plant Sterol

 Which not only burns fat but also reduces bad cholesterol according to Ayurveda for you

 Can be used in both weight gain and weight loss, if half an hour before breakfast, but black for you.

 If you eat it with chili, then your weight boss will definitely make it happen for the rest of the day and if you eat banana at any time then it will be yours.

 It will help in gaining healthy weight, just do not eat bananas after sunset, do you know that?

 Banana peel which we throw away without thinking? Contains ten times more calcium than a banana

 Is? Yes, never miss, take a spoon and eat it apart from this

  Raw banana curry which is eaten very regularly in South India, it tastes exactly like potato curry, it is a very good swap option, even banana stem vegetable eaten in South and East areas of India which are very beneficial for health and


 The fun of eating on banana leaves is different, eating food on banana leaves not only increases the value of antioxidants in your mill, but also does not spike your blood sugar and it is eco friendly, you have seen banana how versatile it really is to be 

3. Desi Ghee

  The super food that always remains in my diet is not from desi traditional butter but made from curd, Desi G Nutrients’ Gold Mine Under Therapeutics

 Being both internal and external users rich in value, one has always been kept at the top.Has gone

 But doesn’t ghee increase obesity? Cholesterol Doesn’t Cause Heart Problems no,absolutely

 Not even this is also the result of marketing of foreign oil company that nowadays we only think about this.

 Ghee is the best because of all the cooking and it has the highest smoking point.

  To ban cooking and deep frying, eating ghee over vegetables, not only reduces the glycemic index of this meal.

  Rather, it also increases the nutrient option, not only if you put two or two drops of desi cow’s ghee in your nose.

 If inserted, it nourishes all the parts above the collar bone, whatever your fitness goal, whatever the age

 Include two to four teaspoons of desi ghee in your diet, it has many benefits.

 Living in India, we are blasted that because of its graphical location, climate and climate, we have got so many Super food is available.

4. Almonds

 Almonds are super food, however by almonds I don’t mean those long California almonds but the short ones are my own desi almonds, which are also called Golabandi almonds, yes, not only do desi almonds contain more nutrition and oil, but your body has more of it. Easy Nutrition is now able to do the job too

 Being a great source of omega fatty acids, almonds act as a tonic for your brain and heart, because almonds are naturally high in vitamin E, they are also used a lot in the cosmetic industry to take full advantage of almonds. Soak four to five almonds in water a night before and eat only after peeling it in the morning.

 If your body is unable to digest almonds, then 30 minutes before sleeping at night, mix a spoon of almond rogan oil in lukewarm milk. And

 If you start applying almond rogan oil in the navel daily, then in a few days your face will start increasing the glow, just go to the local grocery store and always buy only desi Golbandi almonds.


5. Amla

 Amla, also known as the Indian Good Vary, has been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda and other medicinal practices in Asia. The Sanskrit name for Amla, Amal ki, means mother nurse and nectar is a form of healing power. There is also a reason behind this. Is.

  Even though it is not the season of Amla, but it is a diet lesson throughout the year in different ways. Amla is undoubtedly the most effective immunity booster in this world and you will believe that without good unity no fitness call can be achieved. can

 This Indian super food is a must in your diet with Vitamin C as much as twenty-saints, enhancer for eyes, effective in reproductive problems, helpful for digestion and with anti-viral anti-cancer properties.

Must be I take bold Amla with mills quite often it tastes like pickle, must try it

 Amla is also a very effective anti-aging food for any symptoms of aging like pre, mature, white.

 Hair, hair fall, dark circles, dull skin, eating amla starts healing to a great extent.

  If you apply fresh attack juice with cotton from the root to the tip of your hair, then free thief darkens the white hair, so anyone and everyone must include amla in their diet in some form or the other.

In this article, we have told you about 5 fun fruits of India, which helps in maintaining diet and stay connected with us to know about such interesting health related fruits.



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