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Top 10 famous Indian food

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India is not just the land of spices but, is home to some of the best classic Indian food that is worth ditching your diet for. However, choosing a particular classic food can be tough as there are so many tasty options to choose from. In this post, we have listed the 10 most famous food items in India and how they compare to other famous foods found elsewhere.

Top 10 famous Indian food

Indian Food is all around us and every person has their unique favorite meals. We are all different yet, we all love food. But some of our favorite food can be called the most famous of all time. Rooh Afza, mutton curry, any dish at one of these restaurants, will be on top of your list. This ranking includes the most famous Indian foods that are discussed below.
For a country that is also known as the breadbasket of the world and it surprises no one that India is one of the top producers of food grain. But, this fact doesn’t end there. India is also a well-known destination for cuisines. Foodies and foodies alike come to India in droves – those who want to sample new cuisine. Those who want to indulge themselves with authentic oriental delicacies and those who want to explore different cultures. Knowing all this and there’s little wonder we have compiled a list of the top 10 famous foods of India.
When about Indian food, the first things that come to mind are those that we grow, hunt, and collect from our lands, the local village grocers, and street hawkers. But today many foodstuffs are manufactureand delivered to our homes. You may not have known in detail why, where, or how these food products come into existence. Here is a list of the 10 most famous food products in India which we should know about.

Masala Dosa

Masala dosa is a bizarre fried-potato pancake that is a staple in North Indian and South Indian cuisine. After all, who wouldn’t want to feel the warmth of a thunderous experience when they bite into this delicious concoction? The Masala dosa generally consists of rice batter that is mix with various other spices, vegetables, and paneer, boiled to perfection, stuffed into an already deep-fried potato, and served with an even deeper sense of satisfaction.
Masala dosa is a staple dish in South Indian cuisine. Its unique art form made the dosa more endearing to the people. The more you have it, the more you crave it. Masala dosa is make from rice, lentils, and spices with a twist. The spicy binding of the dosa makes your taste buds dance in ecstasy as you take a bite. As it turns out, many people want to make their lives better by getting the benefits of this dish.
Masala dosa is the most popular breakfast item on the Indian brunch menu. A long, thin-looking pancake made from gram flour, with a soft, spongy texture and it is serve with a variety of fillings and sauces. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to master the art of making this tasty delight.


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From the ubiquitous spice store to the hole-in-the-wall shop, chaat is an Indian snack that loves everyone. Its tastes are often likened to vegetable and meat pickles, and it is usually made with potatoes. In the past, it is considering something of a vagrant snack, but today it has become a symbol of cultural identity.
Can you feel the freshness and the zing of taste chasing in your mouth? Or is it in another continent that your senses are being awakened by the delightful, spicy taste of chaat? With all its popularism, India has its share of hand-pulled chaat to offer. It is connect with street food. Along with the national variety, you might also find more local variations of this street food than you could within a country. There is no denying that it is a fascinating global culture. So, on this occasion, we bring the best chaat recipes from India.

Dal makhani-Famous Indian food

Dal makhani is a well-known North Indian dish comprising rice, kidney beans, and spices as its main ingredients. The most prominent spices used to season the dish are ginger, cardamom, and black pepper. The red kidney bean with the dish’s name as it is a popular ingredient in makhani dishes. Where it is add to enhance the flavor and give it the characteristic red color. This rich, earthy, and nutty sauce is often paired with rogan josh. Dal makhani meals are often served to celebrate special occasions or to offer thanks to someone who has done something nice for you.

Vada pav – Bombay’s Famous food 

The word Vada Pav (Vada means potato or white bread, Pav means puri or crispy bread) has become synonymous with the city of Mumbai. It is one of the city’s most well-known street foods, the most famous among non-Mumbaikars. It is one of the most delicious street foods and if you are a resident of this city, you cannot have missed a vada pav meal. The best thing about vada pav is that even a child can make these at home and enjoy an instant dish without fail every time. Vada pav originated from Kolkata where it is called vada pav dosa, which comes in various styles.
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Stuffed paratha 

India is also known for many beautiful things. One of the most beautiful things about this wonderland is its paratha. This bread is popular street food in the sub-continent but has also become a common staple on restaurant tables across the world. Parathas have their unique flavor and taste and have been popular for ages. It will be great if you get to know more about this delightful piece and how it came to being. Read ahead to know more about these beautiful things.
Stuffed parathas are something that has made the savor of all paratha lovers in the country. As the husband of a household where stuffed parathas are eaten daily. I felt that it was time to write a guide on how to make them. And here it is! Stuffed parathas are quite simple to make, but there are a few key things that need to done for them to become an absolute delight for all paratha lovers. In this article, I will be shedding light on these key points.

Dhokla – Gujarati food

Dhokla - Gujarati food
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India is full of flavors, and you can feel that in every dish you eat. There is a tendency to heap up various spices and herbs. But, today we are going to discuss one of the more famous recipes from India, the famous ‘Dhokla’. The cuisine of West Bengal (India) and is popular across India made this recipe. Now, it is being considered one of the most popular vegetarian recipes in India.


We love Barfi and this recipe for Indian barfi with pistachio mousse is the best way to enjoy them! Note: For best results, use milk powder for making the pistachio mousse. Barfi is a West Bengal delicacy that is a mix of wheat and curd made into a sweet fudge. In this article, we will cover the history of Barfi, its ingredients, and its recipe.

Pani puri

India pani puri is an integral part of city food culture. It has different varieties. There are ordinary and sweet versions. The sweet version of this snack is make from rice flour, sugar, milk, and curd. When it comes to a party, one often forgets to check with the guests on what they want to eat. The food is all good quality but only a few individuals get to taste the yummy Pani puri. This is because the Pani puri is quite common in Indian cuisine. So, if you are planning any gathering or getting a party organized, here are some recipes you may use to make Panipuri.

Idli – South Indian food 

India has a rich culture filled with diverse traditions, cuisines, and food items that are Indian. The most popular food item in the country is Idli, which is a steamed fermented rice cake eaten as breakfast. Apart from being a staple part of a typical Indian breakfast. This rice pancake along with curry is one of the most preferred street foods for lunch and dinner.

Masala chai

For the past many years Indians have been working round the clock, and their appetites haven’t changed. The one thing that has remained consistent for us Indians is a craving for food that we can savor with our loved ones. A dish that binds people together across different classes, beliefs, and geographical lines is Indian Masala Chai. A fusion of Indian, Chinese, and English culture, this beverage can be enjoy. As an afternoon snack or as a light meal with some of your favorite snacks.


If you are a food lover then must try these famous Indian foods. India is also well known for its famous street food that is mentioned above.

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