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10 Easy Ways To Earn Money Online

Hello, friends welcome to website. Today we are going to give all information about Earn Money Online. After reading this post, all of you will get complete information about Earn Money Online Before this, let us tell you that the only real fact is 100% Genuine site and it gives you absolutely correct information, so let’s know friends about Earn Money Online.

Ways to earn money online

How to earn money online or what are the simple ways to earn money from the internet, Earning money from the internet is easy. Even a person who knows how to run a simple can easily earn good money online from the internet.

Microwork Task

On these websites, you can earn money by liking Facebook page posts, sharing them, or clicking on any link and other such small tasks. You can earn money with these websites even if you do not have any kind of experience.

Survey Sites

In an online survey, you are asked different types of questions about a product or your interest and need. Thirty to hundreds of rupees can be earned on completing a survey.

Online Captcha Writing Captcha 

In this job, you have to type some given letters or photo words in a box. With this you will get money soon if your typing speed is good then this job is beneficial for you. You can get 50 to 300 rupees on one thousand Captcha Entry.

By Downloading Apps

You can also earn money by downloading android apps on your mobile. For this, you have to download the apps and connect your friends and relatives with your referral link. The more members you add i.e. how many member apps you download, the more money you will get.

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Now let me tell you about a full-time online job from where you can earn very good money but for this, you will have to work very hard.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketingc

You must have a blog for this job. You will give a link to a product in your blog, if a customer purchases from that link, then you will get a certain commission. if you want to earn a lot of money from the internet or want to do a full-time job then this is for you. In the beginning, you will have to work hard, then everything will become easy.

Creation a website

you can also earn money online by creating your website. if too many pages will be read on your website then you can earn a lot of money from it. For this, you have to show ads of Google or other company on your website from which you can earn good money. For this also you will have to work hard in the beginning.

By Youtube

Now you can earn money by sharing your videos on youtube too. for this, you have to join the YouTube partnership program. Then the more users who watch your video the more money you can earn. Nowadays many people in India are-earning lakhs of crores of rupees from YouTube.

Selling Your Product Online

If you have a unique product then you can sell it by creating a website or on an online e-commerce website like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. You can also create your e-commerce website. With this, you can sell the same all over the world or all over the country. Can take your business to a very advanced stage.

Earn money online by sale courses

many people are earning money by making their course and selling them to the needy at good prices, you can also do it if you want.

And if you make a course of yours, then also upload it on Youtube and your blog post so that you can earn money online through all three methods and you can earn a lot so that you can fulfil your dreams.

Earn money online by online consulting

If you have good knowledge about affiliate marketing, share marketing, SEO Expert, Blogger, and Youtube, then you can earn good online money by earning your advice and ideas and method to new users and giving them maximum information about it.

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The new users will contact you and by promoting your blogger site, YouTube Channel, and all other sites with your advice and ideas, they will also give you a good amount for it so that you can earn online money.

Earn money online by freelancing work

Nowadays freelancing Work is very much in Trend, in this Company, Organisation, Person, Etc. Will give you some work so that you will have to do it in the given time, for this the company will give you proper money.

Freelancing is mostly a part-time job who want to student earn money online, which they can earn using IT Hub.

Earn money online by content writing

When Company, organization, person, etc and one makes a big website or business website, news website, then he has to write a lot of contacts in it.

And for this, they think that if he gets a well-written contact from somewhere, then there are many such websites where you can go and write your content and sell it to the one who needs it and they also give you good money for this work.

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You can write your content on the subject on which you have good knowledge and sell it to any company, organization, person, ETC who needs it and he will also give you money for this work.


If you have complete knowledge about a topic, then you can sell it by writing an E-book on it. You can sell online by writing E-book

if you know how to do blogging, then you can sell online by writing an e-book on blogging and if possible, keep the price of your e-book low so that more people buy it.

If you keep the price of your e-book at Rs. 100 and if that e-book sells 50 to 60 in 1 month, then you can earn 5000 to 6000 monthly from an e-book, that too by working only once.

Share Market

Share Market

Friends, you must have heard the name of Share Market, but if you do not know much about the share market, then I will give you some information about it.

Shares of different companies are sold in the share market, in which if you buy the shares of a company in winning money, according to the %, you become the owner of that company.

TO earn money from the share market, you have to buy shares for less money and when the price of the shares you bought increases, then you have to sell them.

To buy shares in the share market, you will need a Demat Account.

URL Shortener

You must have heard the name of can not earn money from, I have told below how you can earn money from which URL Shortener Website?

UC News

Just like you publish and earn money by writing articles on your blog, you can earn money by writing articles on UC News too.

Here you do not need to buy domain and hosting, you will create your account on the site of UC News V Media and as soon as the account is verified, you will start writing articles there.

If you want to earn money by writing articles by joining UC News then here is a guide for that.

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