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Earn money from YouTube

Hello, friends welcome to onlyrealfact.com website. Today we are going to give all information about Earn money from YouTube. After reading this post, all of you will get complete information about Earn money from YouTube Before this, let us tell you that the only real fact is 100% Genuine site and it gives you absolutely correct information, so let’s know friends about Earn money from YouTube.

Nowadays, the whole world is evolving day by day and circulating the modern technologies, there are many websites and application where anyone can easily without any skills which were not possible in earlier times,  Here I  can’t tell you all about earning way one by one from YouTube but here I will try to give some unknown way about which most of the ruler area people are unknown from this earing way.


So, I here informed you about the YouTube in which most people were engaged but also the people engaging day by day and earning from that one.  If you are getting started with  YouTube to grow your brand get started by reading this article where I  share as much as possible. You have got creativity,  you have got the talent and you are ready to hit the next big idea before you can even think about starting a YouTube channel on YouTube, Get set up and start working as soon as possible. For many people all over the country, YouTube is also one of the best ways,  it’s is a community a creative outlet, and even importantly a career. Maybe you want to start a gaming channel, maybe start vlogging, but if you want to work with different skills.

Plenty of people is engaged in that all over the world.  Most people want to earn from YouTube but they are uncertain about the equipment they need to start some influencer build up their youtube studio packed with an expensive camera and editing software for their videos whereas other channels used a smartphone to record the content but how do you know what you need. The most important equipment. Know about and start recording videos to attract the spectacular of the video. There are many things that you will have  to make the viewer attractive towards your video


The most important piece of equipment is a camera that you need is a camera. There are lots of different camera options but DSLR is the best option who want to start a youtube channel. DSLR is popular for any editing or shooting of the video. This camera gives a glow in low light. And the image is very clear. DSLR cameras range between 20000 to 20000+. However, it is not only the option. The quality of smartphone Cameras improved in the last few years and now successful YouTubers and filmmakers even record videos from this one while shooting vlogs on a smartphone will much quantity better higher quality.

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Camera lens

Camera lens
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While DSLR  cameras come with a qualitative or standard lens, it’s likely to need a better quality if you want to start a YouTube channel chance your first video shooting with the Better quality camera you are going to need a fast lens with a large aperture to speak to a specialist at your local camera store. A fast lens camera is great for a blogger who doesn’t have a lens professional light setup and might have to deal with regular old home lighting.

lightning equipment

If you are going to be filming your video outside you wanted to spend time building a youtube studio and buying indoor lighting equipment, however,  if you have a plan to on filming the majority of your video inside. you will need to buy some lighting equipment. If you have already a good camera and lens you won’t need to spend much. Thinking about starting with the lighting kit or a  ring light lamp which are available on the online website from 4000/ however,  if you don’t have a budget on buying this whole lighting equipment at least by a rich light tube and place towards you .other requirements are also discussed below 👇.


The third thing we need is a  microphone, if you record all the videos in a quiet you might not need to buy a microphone, however, a microphone is essential for anyone who is filming outside if you just use your camera you might find that the footage is very quiet and muffled. This will mean that you lose on video, no one likes watching videos with poor audio. While the microphone price is varying from  1000 to 100000.  The microphone is also playing an improvement role in this.

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Video editing software

While you don’t necessarily need to video chat dinting software to start a video on YouTube, it will make your significantly easier and will pay off in long run.   Most popular YouTubers are using software editing to add music and affect their video to make the video more enjoyable which means that the increase in viewers if you have a laptop or a Mobile there are many editing applications are available. Select your choice and makes your video attractive.


Credit: freepik.com

Finally,   lots of people overlook when starting a YouTube channel but this can be a mistake, particularly, if you one some when shooting. Some tripods are very cheap and upload a shaky blurry video. You can get these  tripod  for a very low price as 1000/   from amazon  you can have  various options in different price categories  which will increase  in quality  features, at last,  the main part  is the content your choice.

Camera remote

To avoid getting up several times just to set up the camera correctly, it is better to have this super expensive tool to help you while filming.

Tube buddy.

After you are done and ready to light up your YouTube channel. You should get  Tubebuddy, which is an essential SEO tool for your YouTube videos

Soft boxes

If you value a beautiful ambiance for your video then it’s recommended that you get softboxes acquiring softboxes an expensive way to upgrade the look of your video. You can get $60 worth on amazon today and enhance the look of your video.

Gimbal or tripod stabilizer

Video stabilization is another crucial factor to consider while vlogging. To avoid taking more time editing and stabilizing the footage in your editing software. It’s better to solve that by  a tripod which can only cost around $45.

So, it’s very easy to  earing way from YouTube

Studio and location gear

Studio and location gear
Credit: freepik.com

Camera and lighting check, The rest of your needs depends on your topic and your goal channel.  Shooting product views in a studio will require a different setup than capturing travel footage in the deserts fortunately. It’s can easily find in the gear round-up.


The value of the music for your project can not be overstate. Excellent visual storytelling depends on sound. When employees thoughtfully music complete the narrative experience you are sharing of which footage is only half.

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What does the musing of a surrealist filmmaker have everything specifically the part about making the mood which is just?

Unlimited song downloads make it a breeze for you you to keep music beds and background tracks fresh across numerous episode uploads.  So, it’s easy to earn money from YouTube channels so it’s a wonderful way.


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