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Acne: Its Causes, Treatment, and Myths

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Acne is a skin condition that causes spots. Many people affected by acne are matured somewhere in the range of 12 to 25. However, people in their 30s and 40s can likewise endure.

What is Acne?

Acne is a skin condition that regularly causes at least one of the accompanying conditions:

  • Zits (comedones)
  • Whiteheads
  • Red or Yellow spots
  • Oily skin
  • Scars

Acne normally influences the skin of the face, back, neck, chest, and arms and the seriousness of the condition can vary.

Acne influences individuals of all skin tones. The cycles that cause acne are the very same in individuals and it mostly leaves dark or earthy colored sports on the skin. However, its effects are perceivable as per skin pigmentation.

Acne is extremely normal and influences around 80 out of 100 individuals and mostly affects from the 11 to 30 age group people.

The Skin

The outer layer of the skin has bunches of little sebaceous organs just underneath the surface. These organs make a sleek substance called Sebum that keeps the skin smooth and flexible.

Minuscule pores (opening in the skin) permit the sebum to come to the skin surface. Hairs additionally develop through these pores.

What causes acne?

acne, what causes it

Acne is brought by the overactivity of the sebaceous organs that discharge slick substances onto the skin.

The sebaceous organs of individuals with acne are particularly touchy to ordinary blood levels of a chemical, testosterone, however, everyone has it.

Hight level of testosterone in individuals during puberty triggers the sebaceous organs to deliver an abundance of sebum. Simultaneously, the dead skin cell covering the openings of the hair follicles (the cylinders that hold the hair) are not shed as expected and obstruct the follicles.

These consolidated two impacts, cause the development of oil in the hair follicles. This makes zots and whiteheads structure.

For certain individuals, their acne doesn’t advance past this stage.

Anyway in others, the development of oil in their follicles establishes an ideal climate for a bacterium called Propionibacterium that causes acne to develop.

These microscopic organisms typically live innocuously on your skin yet when this ideal climate is made, they develop. They feed off the sebum and produce substances that cause a reaction from your body’s resistant framework. This kindles the skin but makes the redness related to spots.

In more extreme cases, ‘Proactive acne’, sores create underneath the surface of the skin. These acne pimples can crack, spreading the contamination into the neighboring skin tissue. This can develop into scarring.

What aggravates acne?

acne, what aggravates it

These are the various things that can exacerbate your acne condition. These incorporate the accompanying:

  • Picking and crushing the spots might bring about additional irritation and scarring.
  • Stress: People with acne can develop stress, even though it isn’t clear why but perhaps due to the fear of scars.
  • In females, flare-ups might be impacted by the hormonal changes that happen during the feminine cycle.
  • Over the top, the creation of male chemicals, for example, Testrone conditions, and Polycystic Ovary disorder might be another cause in females.
  • A few contraceptive pills might exacerbate the acne problem. This is because of the kind of Progestogen chemical in certain pills. While a few different sorts of prophylactic pills can also worsen the condition.
  • Steroids: Individuals, especially adolescents who take anabolic and some other steroids, can worsen their acne problem.


Acne might cause you significant enthusiastic trouble however there is a scope of treatment choices to assist you with handling the issue. No treatment will totally ‘fix’ your acne. The point of treatment is to forestall new spots shaping and prevent further development of acne.

Home Treatment



acne, home treatment for it

It is critical to keep spot inclined regions clean, so wash the impacted region two times a day with a non-perfumed cleanser. However, the skin needs a specific amount of oil to keep up with its regular condition, so stay away from forceful washing with solid cleansers.

There are various over-the-counter cures available from the drug store to treat gentle acne. These generally contain anti-bacterial specialists, for example, Benzoyl Peroxide.

Benzoyl Peroxide laced with its anti-bacterial impacts can dry out the skin and make it shed the surface layer of dead skin. 

With moderate use of it, it will not affect your skin negatively. Thereafter, you can then develop your utilization progressively.

No home medicines for acne will work right away. It requires weeks, on the off chance that not months, for visible improvements. If you see if your home remedies are not lessening your acne problem then you should immediately see a physician or a dermatologist.

Physician endorsed meds

Your general physician might begin treating by endorsing a plan containing benzoyl peroxide.

  • Azelaic corrosive (Skinoren) is an option to benzoyl peroxide and may not make your skin as sore as benzoyl peroxide.
  • Effective retinoids (eg: Adapalene) are medications that contain vitamin A, which you apply a few times a day to increase the amount of Vitamin A levels in your skin. . They work by empowering the external layer of skin to drop off.
  • A skin anti-infection slave: you apply it on affected areas to condition your skin pores. Acne microorganisms treatment necessities to go on half-year. Your physician may combine an antitoxin with other acne drugs for more effective treatment (for eg: Benzamycin, which consolidates an antitoxin with benzoyl peroxide).

Oral Medicines

acne, oral medicine for it

There are a few oral medicines you might endorse including those recorded underneath:

  • Oral anti-infection agents (tablets), like antibiotic medication, your doctor normally prescribes for 90 days, but in some cases, he may advise the individual to take them for up to 6 months for visible improvements.
  • The progress of this treatment can be restricted because the strains of microscopic organisms are regularly impervious to the normal antitoxins. Antimicrobials don’t keep pores from becoming obstructed so treatment to forestall zits, your doctor may recommend them with benzoyl peroxide alongside simultaneously.
  • A few kinds of oral prophylactic tablets assist females who are suffering from acne problems. Amix of the standard pill chemical called Ethinylestradiol with Cyproterone Acetic acid derivation (eg: Dianette) stifles male chemical actions present in a female with acne problems.
  • Isotretinoin (Eg: Roaccutane) is a medication known as oral retinoid, which likewise exists in a skin structure. Isotretinoin works by evaporating sleek emissions. Doctors recommend it for individuals with serious types of acne that have demonstrated imperviousness to different medicines. However, there are various genuine side effects of this medication, like liver issues and depression. Also, You shouldn’t take isotretinoin if you are pregnant, as it is exceptionally risky to an unborn child. For these reasons, only a dermatologist should prescribe this medication to treat severe acne problems.

Myths about Acne

myths and facts of it

People who do not wash their skin frequently for example 3 to 4 times a day, develop acne problems. 


Cleaning your face two times a day is good for your skin as it removes excess oil, dust, and associated bacteria. But beyond this, washing will make your skin dry and you can develop rashes. Also, you wash your skin especially your face delicately with skin-friendly cleansers.


Not scouring the face causes the development of acne problems.


There is no truth in it, rather rubbing your face and skin hard will do more damage than do any good and prevent acne development.


Soil and residue cause the development of acne.


You should wash your skin two times per day. And beyond this, there is nothing to do with soil or residue when we talk about the acne problem.


An inappropriate diet can cause skin break out. Certain food varieties such as french fries and low-quality foods can produce acne.


Irrespective of your age, if you overeat, it will cause you a wide range of health problems such as obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, constipation, joint problems, etc. Yet logical examinations have not found any association between acne and food.  

However, an appropriate and sound eating regimen is generally really great for your acne treatment framework.


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